How to Write a Numbers Poem


Number poems are entertaining and engaging ways to help teach young students their numbers. The poem takes the reader from number to number in rhyming sequences. The sentences are playful and can even describe the look of the number itself. The teacher can lead the class in reciting the number poems at the beginning of a math lesson to help reinforce the memorization of the poem and likewise the numbers and counting.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Write the first line of the poem coordinating to the number one. For example, "The number one is lots of fun. Straight and narrow, up and down it runs." Move onto the next number in the poem, the number two. For example, "After one is the number two, look down and count your shoes!"

  • Compose rhyming lines for the next couple of numbers. For example, "Three is next as you can see. Hold up the amount of three fingers for me." Add a line about how to make a four. "Make an "L" crossed with a big straight line. That four is looking very fine."

  • Write the lines for the next numbers, five and six. For example, "Stand up and do a jive, next comes the number five. Curl a line into a twirl on the end, the number six is a wonderful friend!"

  • Compose a line telling the students how to make a seven. For example, "Turn a hockey stick upside down and you've made a seven and should be proud." Follow this with, "Curve a line around like a snake, then back up to the top and you've made a figure eight."

  • Conclude the poem with the last two digits, nine and 10. For example, "Draw a circle and then a line and you've just made a number nine." Follow with an ending line, such as "Draw a line and a circle to make a 10. Congratulations, you've reached the end!"


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