How to Attract Women in College


College men have more than just academics on their minds. Many of them are also focused on finding women to date, and possibly even finding "the one." However, some college men find women in college more difficult to attract than high school girls; college women are often more mature than and are focused on their education. A man must work harder to attract these women.

  • Dress nicely. Once out on his own and out of his parents' house, a college man often dresses in whatever he happens to throw on in the morning. Take care to keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free. Throw away ripped-up t-shirts and sweatshirts, or at least don't wear them in public. Keep hair trimmed neatly.

  • Keep your eyes open. In college, women are everywhere. You will sit with them in class, pass them walking on campus and eat with them in the dining halls. Decide which women you like and who you are interested in getting to know better.

  • Be charming. Women don't like men who are pushy and overbearing. Compliment the women you are interested in honestly. Smile and hold doors open for them -- be chivalrous. Women love a man who is polite and knows how to treat a lady. Treat women with respect and they will appreciate and remember it.

  • Join activities or clubs that you are interested in. Women and men join these activities and clubs to get to know others with similar interests. You will be able to do something you enjoy while introducing you to women who share your interests.

  • Hang out with larger groups of people. Even your male friends can help you attract women. For instance, if your friend has a girlfriend, he may be able to introduce you to some of her other friends. Double dates are attractive to college women as a way to spend more time with their friends.

  • Be honest. You may feel that some of the information about you may be boring or even scary to a potential partner, but secrets usually come out over time and can destroy a relationship. Don't tell her too many intimate details too soon, but be honest when she asks you questions about yourself or your intentions. Honesty is an admirable, attractive quality and required for a long-term relationship.

  • Stand out from the crowd. Be confident in who you are. If you hang at the back of the room and don't make a move, most women will not notice you. Strike up conversations, tell a couple of jokes and mingle as much as possible. If you appear confident and popular, women will want to know more about you.


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