How to Correct Flat Feet in Children


To have flat feet means that the arches of your feet are lowered to the point where your entire foot touches the ground when you are standing up. Flat feet in children, also known as pediatric flatfoot, is hereditary but can also be caused by baby fat and loose joint connections between the bones of the feet. If flat feet are not corrected, they can cause foot pain and knee and ankle problems.

  • Purchase shoe inserts for your child's shoes or have custom-designed inserts made that are shaped to the contour of your child's feet. states that shoe inserts will not cure flat feet in children, but will relieve any foot pain that you child is experiencing.

  • Put shoes on your child's feet that offer sufficient arch support. Look for shoes with an arches that are of a material that easily molds to the shape of the feet, and make sure the shoes have a good shock absorbing capacity. Aim to keep your child's feet cool, relaxed and stress-free.

  • Bring your child to a physical therapist to undergo stretching exercises that can offer relief in some flatfoot cases.

  • Have your child lose weight if he is overweight. Excess weight can put extra strain on your child's flat feet and make physical exercise painful.

  • Consider foot surgery only if you have tried all other flatfoot remedies. Consult with your podiatrist for advice and direction. Surgery should be a last resort and, according to Family Doctor, it is only considered if your child's flat feet are caused by fused foot bones.


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