How to Adjust Your Scooter Yourself


Scooters come stock out of the factory with restrictions placed on them. Most states allow scooters or mopeds to travel no faster than 30 mph, and this is why scooter companies place these restrictions on their product. If you have been cruising around town and have noticed that you can't keep up with traffic, it may be time to do some scooter adjusting. You can remove these restrictions, and upgrade your scooter's engine to give it better acceleration, top speed and performance.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Newspapers
  • Carburetor jet set
  • Wrenches
  • Hacksaw
  • Vice or other small clamping device
  • Liquid weld epoxy

Upgrading the Carburetor Jet

  • Locate the carburetor, which is a small metal box that controls fuel flow to the engine. Remove the carburetor by unscrewing the hose clamp that connects it to the engine. Take the carburetor out of the scooter, and set it on your newspapers.

  • Strip the carburetor down to bare metal. Take the top piece securing the throttle off the carburetor by removing the screws holding it down. The throttle assembly will then pop out of the carburetor.

  • Locate the small, gold-colored screw, usually placed on the inside of the carburetor. This is known as the carburetor jet, and it controls fuel flow to the engine. Unscrew this jet, and after you have found its size, select a larger-size jet from your carburetor jet set and place it in the same hole. Experiment with different sizes of jets to achieve maximum scooter performance.

  • Replace the throttle assembly, and reinstall the carburetor in the scooter.

Removing the Exhaust Restriction

  • Remove the muffler cover of the scooter, revealing the inner exhaust. You may need to use wrenches or screwdrivers to remove the muffler cover, depending on your scooter's model.

  • Locate the small exhaust pipe branching off the main pipe itself. This is known as the restrictor pipe, and it restricts air-flow out of the engine, reducing overall performance.

  • Cut the restrictor pipe off the main exhaust using your hacksaw, and discard.

  • Clamp the hole where the restrictor pipe used to be using a vice, or another type of crimping device. Apply liquid weld epoxy to the crimp to ensure an almost airtight closure.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you live in a high-altitude area, remove your air filter to ensure maximum airflow.
  • Certain modifications of your scooter or moped may be illegal in some states and municipalities and for younger riders. Please check local moped rules and regulations before making any modifications.
  • Performing these modifications will void any warranty you may have with the scooter manufacturer, so keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to adjust your scooter's engine and exhaust.
  • Removing your air filter may increase engine wear.

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