How to Calculate Final Grades for High School


High schools typically use a 100-point grading system. By utilizing the 100-point grading system, you need to calculate the average grade using a basic averaging formula. However, it does get complicated depending on if your school weighs classes differently. For example, some schools have gym count as half a class when computing grades or have advanced placement classes, which count for more in order to encourage students to take the course without negative results.

  • Write out the grade you received for each class. If the class is weighted, then write the weight next to the grade. For example, assume a student gets an 96 in Math, 85 in English, and 90 in AP Statistics. AP classes are usually worth more than what a regular class is worth.

  • Multiply the average by any weights given to the associated classes. In the example, AP Statistics is weighted by 1.1 curve, so 90 times 1.1 equals a 99. Then gym is 88 times .5, which is 44.

  • Add together the average of each class. In the example, 96 plus 85 plus 99 plus 44 equals 324.

  • Divide by the amount of classes you took. In the example, divided by 3.5 because three classes are worth equal amounts and gym is half a class. Therefore, 324 divided by 3.5 equals an average of 92.57.


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