How to Build a Paint Booth With Filtered Air


Perform custom automotive painting in fully enclosed paint booths. The booth features complete environmental controls in order to create the atmosphere for a perfect paint job. The incoming air is heated and filtered as part of a high-volume regulated air supply. By controlling the environment in the paint booth, you can create and maintain optimal conditions during the entire paint process

Things You'll Need

  • High-volume air supply
  • Aluminum duct work
  • Replaceable paint particle filters
  • Replaceable paper fiber furnace filters
  • Environmental controls (HVAC system) for the intake air
  • High-volume ventilation exhaust fans
  • 2 x 4's
  • 1/2” drywall
  • 10 lbs 16d nails
  • Drywall tape and finishing compound
  • Drywall finishing tools
  • Siliconized acrylic caulk and caulk gun
  • (4 to 8) 2 foot by 4 foot fluorescent tube light fixtures, with acrylic lenses

Designing a Filtered Air Paint Booth

  • Determine the maximum size of items/equipment moved in and out of the paint booth. The paint room can match the item's size to be painted. A typical paint booth can be just large enough for the painter and equipment, or can be as large as the size of a large truck garage.

  • Select an HVAC system capable of heating/cooling the high-volume replacement air. According to Global Finishing Systems, a commercial paint and HVAC equipment supplier, a paint booth can exchange more than 8,000 cu. ft. of air per minute. The HVAC controls must provide BTUs to condition the incoming air, and maintain the required environment in the paint booth.

  • Determine source for the booth's air supply. Paint booths pull air either from the exterior of a building or from within the building's existing environment. Consider the building's exterior ambient temperature, any seasonal temperature fluctuations, the volume of paint work completed when designing the booth's air supply. Also, evaluate whether or not the building's existing HVAC system will process the increased air volume for the paint booth without overloading.

  • Design the paint booth's ventilation exhaust system. Exhaust filters must collect and trap the exhaust paint fumes, or overspray, before exiting the building. Filters are rated by the air volume they can process and the type of overspray they will collect.

Installing a Filtered Air Paint Booth

  • Construct the custom built paint booth from traditional building materials, such as 2 by 4s and drywall. When anchoring the walls to the floor, caulk the bottom wall plates to the floor in order to eliminate air infiltration.

  • Install the fluorescent tube light fixtures in the paint booth's ceiling. The paint booth should be highly illuminated in order to create optimal environment for professional quality paint jobs.

  • Run a heavy bead of acrylic latex caulk along any drywall seams or joints between drywall and wood trim that are not finished with drywall tape and finishing compound. The caulk provides an air seal which prevents dust and air infiltration.

  • Apply two coats of any high-gloss paint to the walls, ceiling and wood trim. High gloss paint cleans easily as the booth is used.

  • Design and build the ventilation system openings on both ends of the booth. These openings must allow sufficient air to enter and leave the booth without impeding airflow. Construct these openings to match the size of paint filters used in the booth. Install filters at both ends of the paint booth.


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