How to Get Commercial Vehicles out of Residential Neighborhoods in Massachusetts


In Massachusetts, regulations for the operation and parking of commercial vehicles fall under the jurisdiction of a city’s municipal code. Under these codes, a commercial vehicle weighs more than 26,000 pounds or carries more than 16 people. Commercial vehicles cannot park in residential areas from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. or for more than one hour during the day. The Office of the Parking Clerk, a division of Boston’s Transportation Department, enforces parking laws for Boston.

  • Call the local transportation office to determine the specific rules for your neighborhood. They may direct you to their website or to the police officers that work within their division. Ask about the specific rules for parking commercial vehicles in residential neighborhoods for your area. Sometimes, merely by calling, the officers will come out to investigate the parked vehicle.

  • Check the vehicle’s windshield to ensure that it does not have a residential parking permit or a temporary permit. A permit may be affixed to the windshield or placed next to the windshield. A temporary permit allows commercial vehicles to stay in a residential area for longer than one hour and is most common for moving vans. If you see such a permit, determine how long it allows the vehicle to stay in the neighborhood. If the amount of time listed in the permit has not passed, you cannot request removal of the vehicle.

  • Record the vehicle’s license plate number and state of issue. Write down any other identifying information, such as if it has a company sign on it and, if so, the name of the company. Write down the street names where the vehicle is parked. The more information provided to the authorities, the easier it will be to locate and ticket the vehicle.

  • Write down the dates and times that the vehicle has been parked in your residential neighborhood. Verify the vehicle has been parked for at least one hour or overnight without activity or movement.

  • Call the department of transportation to report a parking violation. Provide them with all of the information collected about the vehicle. The department will dispatch the police officers to ticket the vehicle. Once ticketed, the vehicle will remain on the department’s records and officers will return to determine whether it has been moved or needs to be towed. This can take anywhere from a few days to a week.

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