How to Fix the Electron Gun's Green Color on a TV


If your TV starts to behave erratically, it can be a frustrating experience. It might even be so bad that you're unable to enjoy movies and TV shows on the unit. Sometimes, the problem is with an electron gun, which many TVs use to display colors. There are three guns these TVs use: one for blue, one for red and one for green. If your screen appears to have problems with the green electron gun, you might see too much green or too little green or you might even see horizontal lines across your screen whenever the TV is on.

  • Check the connections, especially if you're using a component connection. If one or more of the cables are loose or not making good contact on the TV, any of the electron guns might begin functioning incorrectly.

  • Check the pins in the connectors, if applicable. Not all connectors have pins, but if some of the pins are bent or broken, certain colors might not display correct on the screen. This could be the cause if the TV receives video input from a DVI or VGA source.

  • Change the color settings in your TV, if possible. Many sets allow you to adjust the colors, often on a gradient. Your TV set might be set to display too much green or not enough of another color. Every TV is different, so you might need to refer to your User's Manual for specifics.

  • Contact an experienced and trustworthy technician to adjust the voltage to the green electron gun. In many TVs, the electron gun voltage can be adjusted by turning screws or manipulating other pieces of hardware. This is not only dangerous but could damage your TV if done incorrectly, so only someone trained to repair electronics should do this.

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