How to Date Someone Famous


Dating a celebrity is much harder than regular dating. All the difficult aspects of dating are emphasized by the fact that you are in greater competition. You might have little in common with a celebrity, or find it difficult to meet her. Every aspect of a potential relationship is typically public. You can take steps to maximize your chances of dating someone famous, but give serious, prior consideration to whether this is something you really want.

  • Purchase a new wardrobe. You might be happy with the way you look, but celebrities travel in exclusive locations; this requires an upmarket wardrobe. Buy well-made, but not ostentatious clothing. A fitted jacket and well-cut jeans are sufficient if you are on a budget. Keep your clothes clean and pressed to gain entry into celebrity hangouts.

  • Move to Los Angeles, where celebrities are more common. Regularly visit celebrity hangouts. Ask around, or read tabloid magazines, to discover the spots where celebrities congregate. Vary the places you go. Do not acquire the reputation of someone desperately seeking a celebrity.

  • Introduce yourself to the night organizers, or the people who run the venues you frequent. This takes a great deal of time. Build up a social network to eventually get an introduction to a celebrity. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to be introduced. Never act desperate to meet a celebrity, but drop subtle hints if you have a particular famous person in mind.

  • Chat to a celebrity as you would anyone else. Don't refer to his fame, and don't pretend you don't know who he is. A celebrity is used to being friends with other celebrities who don't mention fame. Talk to him about his interests and passions; offer something interesting, such as your passion for painting or your traveling experiences. If the celebrity is leaving the venue, let him leave. The less desperate you seem, the more likely you are to speak to him again.

  • Ask the celebrity if she would like to see you again, but wait until you have met her two or three times. Celebrities are regularly asked on dates. The longer you leave it, the more you stand out from others. The celebrity might suggest a locale for a date; you might invite them to your place for dinner. This might be best for privacy reasons. If the relationship is a success, get used to press intrusion. Work on forming a bond with the celebrity in the early stages of your relationship, before the press moves in.


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