How to Design an Exterior Storefront


When you run a business, one of your highest priorities has to be finding ways to get people through your door. One of the keys to doing this is making sure that you have a storefront that is enticing and interesting. A well designed storefront, especially in a high traffic area, can be a huge factor in how many customers actually come inside your store.

  • Design a sign. Incorporate your company logo into the sign or have a new, eye-catching logo designed specifically for it. Your sign is going to play a large part in attracting prospective customers who are walking down the street. Whether it is bright colors, an unusual store name or an interesting logo, something needs to make your sign stick out from the others crowding the sides of the streets. Signs that are visible and understandable from a distance can help draw people into your store.

  • Create window displays that are eye-catching. The sign is the first thing that draws an eye to a store, but it is the window displays that can bring customers inside. Larger stores often have merchandising experts whose primary job is to arrange products in a pleasing way. A large portion of their responsibility is window displays. If you don't have a merchandising person, do what you can yourself.

  • Display notices announcing current sales or deals in the window. Make sure the signs are clear and that the discount is clearly displayed. Beware of making windows look cluttered.

  • Draw focus to your best items in the window by leaving empty space around them. Items that are displayed with space around them will catch the eye of potential customers.

  • Place additional signage on the sidewalk if allowed in your area. A sandwich board in front of your shop can help slow people down and get them to notice things that you have on special or sale. If they stop to look at the sandwich board, they may notice your window display. That, hopefully, will draw them into the store. Test this option if it is possible to do so in your location.

  • Build an inviting entrance. Make sure your entryway is not cluttered. You want people to see into the store easily without having to open the door. Do not hang signs that might make the store door look cluttered or uninviting. You want people to immediately feel welcome into walking into your store. Open the door when weather permits.

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