How to Write a Proposal on a POS System


Point of sales (POS) systems streamline purchase procedures in retail stores and other businesses in which monetary transactions are made. Though there are many varieties of POS systems, even the most basic system will improve a store's efficiency and record-keeping capabilities. Writing a proposal for a POS system requires you to explain the need for the system, while highlighting the benefits of installing the system.

  • Indicate the problem caused by operating the business without a POS system. Typically, the problem relates to one of two (or both) manner of problem: efficiency and record-keeping.

  • Explain the problem in great detail. Include relevant statistics and examples. For example, "a lack of POS system has led to the misplacement of vital receipts and bill of sales on 30 percent of transactions over the past year. This, in turn, could lead to a higher likelihood of an IRS business audit."

  • Provide a range of POS systems from which to choose. Split the range up into budget groups. For example, "under $1,000," "$1,000 to $2,000" and "above $2,000." Offering a range of POS systems will allow the business to consider what system fits into their budget in addition to encouraging the business to research the different systems.

  • Detail the manner in which the different POS systems will address the problem. For example, "The cash register 3,000 produces three kinds of receipts: a customer copy, a store copy and a digital archive copy. This redundancy virtually eliminates the possibility of misplacing a receipt."

  • Outline the pecuniary benefits that will be reaped by the installation of a POS system. Focus on how the system will increase efficiency of transactions, making it possible to complete more transactions in less time.

  • Explain the schedule that will follow the acceptance of your proposal. Start with the purchase and installation date and include a training schedule that leads up to full incorporation.

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