How to Teach Children About Lent Activities

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter Sunday, the day on which Christianity celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the website American Catholic, the marking of foreheads of Christians with ashes on Ash Wednesday is a remembrance of mortality and an act of repentance. Children might have difficulty understanding those and other concepts related to Lent and the way it is observed. Still, activities tailored to young and curious minds may help children understand some of the traditions.


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      Tell children what happens during Lent ahead of time. Before Ash Wednesday, describe briefly and simply the traditions of Lent. Explain, for example, that fasting during Lent consists not merely of giving up a favorite food, but also of avoiding anger, gossip and any unkind thoughts.

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      Provide fun activities. Arts and crafts projects may include coloring pictures, making a miniature cross or a crown of thorns, and creating or completing a Lent-themed crossword puzzle. Children learn from hands-on experiences. Explaining the tradition and symbolism through activities can make comprehension easier.

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      Use online resources. Many activities that can help teach children the significance of Lent are available from websites such as Sunday School Kids or Apples 4 The Teacher.

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      Tell children about the Lenten emphasis on giving. Teach them that Lent is not only about giving up sins, but also about giving to fill the needs of others. Seek children's ideas during in brainstorming sessions to find ways of helping those less fortunate, and encourage their participation during Lent-focused times of family prayer.

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