How to Create Goofy Job Titles


A job title can play an important role in how an employee feels about doing work. Some managers have found that a title means more to certain employees than the pay rate. Creative job titles designed to inflate the importance of positions have been used for levity, but some companies have made such titles official. Disney employs "imagineers" and the CEO for is the "Chief Yahoo." The managers seeking entertaining job titles have found a few ways to designate a goofy job title and lift employee moral.

  • Use inflated designations for menial positions. Your "World-Wide Information Distributors" are the people sticking mailing labels to your fliers, and the janitor is known as "Director of Disinfection." Many goofy job titles are merely creative descriptions of the duties.

  • Use a play-on-words to transform a title that's mundane and stuffy into an obscure and entertaining job title. The Central Organizer and IT System Analyst become the "Chaos Collector and the "Cyber-Sleuth."

  • Add military rank designations to imaginative job descriptions for emphasis. The "Second Lieutenant Key Punch" and the "Nutrition General" are titles for a Data Entry Clerk and Cafeteria Manager.

  • Ask an employee to create her own job title. Use the purpose behind designating the title to its fullest benefit by letting the valued employee be known by the title he desires. The creative job titles submitted will range from inflated to silly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid advertising job titles that are goofy. The humor may be lost on serious applicants who shy away from companies that present a jovial perspective. Save creative designations for those you choose to bring on staff who appreciate humor.


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