How to Implement a Corporate Culture

Even a small business can adopt a corporate culture.
Even a small business can adopt a corporate culture. (Image: Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images)

If you’re looking to incorporate a corporate culture into your business, that means you’re looking to change things, to shake things up. To set up a corporate culture, you have to emphasize the importance of the business and possibly change the way that you’ve been managing your employees. More than just a way of conducting business, a corporate culture is a way of giving the company a corporate identity.

Identify the business. This might sound simple, but before you can develop a corporate culture, you need to actually define how you want business to be done. If your company, Blue Widgets, has a reputation for having the best blue widgets in the world, the first step in building a corporate culture is to make people understand that they are working for the world’s best blue widget manufacturer. This develops a corporate identity.

Choose a leader. For a corporate culture to thrive, there must be a clear leader. In most cases that leader is the founder of the company, but it can also be the chief executive officer. The leadership of the company is paramount to achieving success. If employees do not have faith in the leadership of the company, it is difficult to maintain a corporate culture. In addition, the leader of the culture is the face of the company, as evidenced by Steve Jobs at Apple and Bill Gates at Microsoft. Even though both men have stepped down from CEO positions, the corporate culture is firmly entrenched from when they were at the helm.

Meet with your management. Any business relies upon its management to thrive. Because you’re implementing a corporate culture, you’re going to want to meet with your key people and discuss what kind of culture would best work for everyone in the company. If the majority of the members of your management team are interested in becoming more profitable, structure your corporate culture so that Blue Widgets is also known for selling more blue widgets than anyone else in the world.

Discuss with the management team the difference between setting up competition between different parts of the company and creating a cooperative environment. If you set up a competitive corporate culture, you’ll find yourself attracting selfish employees who will provide the best work for you when there is a monetary incentive for them. If you set up a cooperative corporate culture, you will attract employees who understand that the better the company does, the better all the workers do. Which style to use is a matter of personal preference.

Meet and announce with all employees the implementation of the new corporate culture. Let everyone understand what the vision of the company is and how you intend to reach the destination. Have written material prepared as well, so there are concrete examples of the vision and how it is going to be reached.

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