How to Impress a Girl on the First Day of School


The first day of school is usually nerve-wracking to begin with, due to unfamiliar classes, teachers and because it's been months since you've seen most of your classmates. Add in the daunting task of trying to impress a girl on the first day, and you've got yourself a combination that most guys would rather avoid. However, the first day is the perfect chance to impress a girl that you've had your eye on, because the year is new and fresh. You'll need to present yourself in a confident manner and take control of the situation to impress her.

  • Dress in a nice matching outfit. Sweatpants aren't going to do the trick; put on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt, such as a polo. Comb or style your hair, whichever you prefer. Don't go for a new hairstyle if you aren't comfortable with it.

  • Spray on cologne, apply deodorant and brush your teeth. If you're nervous about impressing the girl, you may forget about basic hygiene in the morning.

  • Walk up to her while she's alone. If the girl is with her friends, it's much easier to shoot you down and the situation also places more pressure on you, because instead of talking to the girl alone, you have a group of girls starring at you. Walk straight and with your head up when you approach her. Walking slumped over or with your head towards the ground right away tells the girl that you lack self-confidence.

  • Say something funny or ask a question that involves more than a "Yes" or "No" answer right away. Starting off with "Hi, what's up?," isn't going to impress anyone. For example, you could say, "Back for another school year, huh? What did you do for summer vacation?" Unless she wants to be rude, she has to answer your question with more than a yes or no, which gives you a chance to continue the conversation.

  • Maintain eye contact while speaking. The key to impressing a girl isn't so much what you have to say, it's how you act. If your eyes are constantly dropping to the ground or looking at the wall, she's going to think you're nervous and lack self-confidence.

  • Ask her out. Once you open up and begin talking to her, you're going to need to work in a question about hanging out later. Ask her to something innocent and fun, such as a baseball game or roller skating.


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