How to Get the Dark Aeon in Final Fantasy X


"Final Fantasy X" features several Aeons you can defeat and then summon in battle whenever you need them. The international version of the game features Dark Aeons, or corrupted versions of the other Aeons. These foes all have close to one million hit points, often more. Thus, to beat them you must have characters advanced enough for the challenge.

  • Play through the game until you're given the option to select "Board Airship" whenever you touch a Save Sphere. Stock up on items and level your characters up as much as possible, as the Dark Aeons are the toughest foes in the game.

  • Go to the entrance to Besaid Village, and a Summoner will call Dark Valefor. Cast "Aim" on yourself to increase accuracy. Set the "Overdrive Mode" to "Stoic," and attack with Tildus' "Blitz Ace" overdrive attack and Wakka's "Attack Reels" until Dark Valefor is defeated.

  • Go to the entrance to the Al Bhed home, and answer "Yes" when the man asks if you can help find his daughter. Look by the cliff to find Dark Ifrit. Cast "Protect" to deal with physical attacks and the "Fire Eater" ability to cause any fire attacks to heal your party. Keep this up while attacking Dark Ifrit physically until it is defeated.

  • Go to the Thunder Plains, exit the area where the airship has dropped you off and head north. Talk to the soldier under the lightning rod tower, and he'll call a Summoner who will summon Dark Ixion. Use your "Lightning Eater" ability to absorb lightning attacks, double cast "Ultima" as much as possible, and attack physically while saving your Overdrive attacks for the second part of the battle.

  • Use your Overdrive attacks when the second part of the fight begins, and double cast "Ultima" as much as you can. If Dark Ixion uses his Overdrive attack, summon one of your Aeon's to block it and save the lives of your team. Keep attacking and restoring the lives of your team until Dark Ixion is defeated.

  • Go to the Macalania Temple Entrance, and the Guard will summon Dark Shiva. Cast "Aim," and then attack Dark Shiva with your Quick Hits. A high defense rating is important for this battle, as it is with all Dark Aeon battles, and casting "Auto-Life" as needed will keep your team going. Continue the attacks until Dark Shiva is defeated. Then run away, as an infinite number of "Guado Guardians" will pour out of the temple after the battle, and you can't defeat them all.

  • Go to the Zanarkand Dome to begin the fight with Dark Bahamut. Cast "Protect," and attack with your Quick Hits while casting "Auto-Life" constantly, as Dark Bahamut's attacks often kill in one hit. Continue your attacks and your spells until Dark Bahamut is defeated.

  • Go to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, and step on the teleport panel to get to the back of the cave. Dark Yojimbo is summoned when you try to leave the cave. Set your "Overdrive Mode" to "Stoic," attack with Quick Hits and double cast "Ultima" as much as possible. Summon your own Aeon to block Dark Yojimbo's Overdrive attacks, as it will kill you even with "Auto-Life" active unless you have your Aeon block it. You must defeat Dark Yojimbo five times, but there is a Save Sphere in the area you can use to restore your hit points and magic points.

  • Go to the Mt. Gagazet Gate, into the Gagazet Mountain Cave, and repeat the First Trial of Gagazet. Dark Anima will be waiting at the Gate after you finish the Trial. Dark Anima has eight million hit points, which is significantly higher than other Dark Aeons, so be prepared for a long fight. Attack with your Quick Hits, use your Overdrive attacks whenever possible and keep the "Auto-Life" spell active. Continue this until Dark Anima is defeated.

  • Go north to Mushroom Rock from the north end of Mi'ihen Highroad, and approach the two summoners. Try to run away so you can fight the Dark Magus Sisters one at a time, though you'll probably have to fight them all at once. Summon Anima to protect you from their Overdrive attacks while Anima attacks them. Focus on Mindy first, and use your Overdrive attacks to defeat her and prevent her powerful "Delta" attacks. You can also use the "Grand Summon" option for Yojimbo and pay him millions of gil so he'll kill one of the Sisters in one hit. Continue using "Auto-Life" and attacking until all the Dark Magus Sisters are defeated.

  • Select "Penance" from the airship destination list when all other Dark Aeons are defeated to begin the final battle. Focus your attacks on Penance's left arm, as it carries his toughest attack. When that arm is gone, double cast "Ultima" as much as possible, and be ready to cast "Dispel" whenever Penance casts "Mighty Guard." You can also use the "Grand Summon" trick from the previous step and hope Yojimbo randomly casts the spell that will kill Penance in one hit. Continue attacking until Penance is defeated.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cast "Haste" and "Auto-Life" at the start of every fight. To block a Dark Aeon's most powerful attack, summon an Aeon of your own every time its Overdrive meter fills up.

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