How to Get HM Waterfall in "Pokemon Emerald"


Although you won't need it for story areas in "Pokemon Emerald," getting HM07 Waterfall lets you safely pass through waterfalls to find optional areas with additional loot. Unlike its sister games "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire," to find Waterfall in "Emerald" you'll need to head to Sootopolis City to earn the Rain Badge.

Beating Juan for HM07

  • In Sootopolis City, you'll find Gym Leader Juan waiting within; defeating him will earn you a Rain Badge and HM07 Waterfall. With Pokemon well past level 40, Juan is tough to crack -- unless you bring out an Electric-type. Unless it's a brand new baby, you'll have no trouble taking out each of Juan's Water-type Pokemon with ease using an Electric-type; electric attacks will deal double damage to any of the Pokemon Juan uses in the fight. After defeating Juan, you'll earn the Rain Badge along with HM07, which you can teach to any of your Water-type Pokemon. With the Rain Badge, you can also control Pokemon up to level 100.

Using Waterfall

  • Use Waterfall on the Meteor Falls waterfall to find yourself the powerful TM02 Dragon Claw, though be sure to bring a Pokemon with Surf as well. Alternatively, a Rare Candy awaits in Route 119, next to the maze of bridges; in addition to Waterfall, you'll also need the Acro Bike. HM07 Waterfall has uses beyond just climbing waterfalls: It's also a damaging attack you can use in a Pokemon battle, doing up to 80 points of damage on a Pokemon and hitting with 100 percent accuracy. However, unlike in later generations, Waterfall won't make a target flinch in "Pokemon Emerald."

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