How to Remove Rain Guards


Rain guards are typically held to your vehicle's doors by double-sided tape. Even though this tape is designed to hold the rain guards under all weather conditions, you can remove them easily with common household items.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishing line or floss
  • Adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol
  • Rag
  • Cut a section of fishing line or floss that is at least 18 inches long. Hold the ends of the floss or string in your hands and guide the middle section under the rear lip of of the rain guard.

  • Work back and forth in a sawing motion toward the opposite end of the rain guard. On front-door rain guards, work the floss or fishing line forward until it slips into the mirror cap. Pull the floss or fishing line out of the mirror cap and remove the rain guard from the door.

  • Peel any large portions of residual tape from the door. Apply some adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol to a rag. Gently rub the residual tape and adhesive from the door. Do not allow the adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol to come into contact with the painted surface of the door or vehicle.

  • To install new rain guards, start by cleaning the area with soap and water. Wait for the area to dry, then peel the backing from the tape on a new rain guard. Slide the front end of the guard into the mirror cap for a front-door rain guard. Align the guard with the top and side edges of the window opening. Wait 24 hours before exposing the vehicle to high speeds or wet conditions.

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