How to Travel to Africa With Children

The wilderness of Africa can present complications when you travel with children, but you don't have to delay your plans to wait for the children to grow up. With some preparation, you and the children can have a fun and safe holiday in Africa. The trip will let the children experience other cultures, see wildlife and perhaps grow an appreciation for nature.


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      Visit a physician to ask for an anti-malaria prophylaxis because malaria plagues areas of eastern and southern Africa. Some medications might not be suitable for children, so consider traveling to malaria-free areas of the continent, such as Egypt, Jordan and South Africa. Other inoculations are also recommended for travel to some countries in Africa, so check with your doctor.

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      Bring documentary evidence of parental responsibility over your children because some African countries ask to see such documents before allowing children to enter or leave.

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      Book an accommodation that is suitable for children, preferably with babysitting service and children's programs. Some activities, such as wildlife safaris, have age restrictions, and the children might sometimes choose to stay behind, so these services ensure you can safely leave them. Avoid lodges in game parks that have no fence and allow animals to roam freely on the property.

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      Pack a camera and a pair of binoculars for each child, to keep them interested during safaris. You can make a game out of spotting animals and compare notes afterward.

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      Pack neutral-colored clothing items because bright colors can disturb wildlife. Avoid white because it shows dirt. Also pack hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

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