How to Lose Belly & Chest Fat on a Female


Losing weight from your belly and chest is often challenging if you are a female, as your body stores most fat in the areas around your belly and chest. Being fat does not always stem from bad eating habits. Often you gain some extra pounds as you get older or if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. For a balanced workout you need to work all parts of your body instead of focusing on one group of muscles. This is why it is important to burn off some fat from both your chest and belly.

Things You'll Need

  • Running machine
  • 8lb dumbbells (two)

Warm-Up Exercises

  • Run 15 minutes in the park, around the block or on a running machine. Dress according to weather and seasons.

  • Stand with your feet a shoulder width apart and bend over. With your left hand, touch your right foot for one second. Return to starting position. With your right hand, touch your left foot for one second. Do four sets of 10. Pause for two minutes between each set.

  • Turn your torso to the right and to the left five times. Each time you turn bend down and touch your knees on each side of your body.

  • Lie down on the floor. Sit up and try touching your toes. You may not be able to touch your toes at first, because your body needs some stretching if you are only beginning to exercise.

Belly exercises

  • Lie on your back. Bend your knees with your feet on the floor. Put your hands behind your neck and sit up. Do four sets of 12.

  • Stay on the floor. Sit up, but each time you sit up touch your right knee with your left elbow and your left knee with your right elbow. Do four sets of 12.

  • Stay down and stretch your legs. Lift your legs up to a 90 degree angle. Keep your legs in that position until you can count to three. Keep flat on your back during the exercise. Do four sets of 12 again.

Chest Exercises

  • Sit down on a chair with the dumbbells in your hands. Push your back to the back of the seat so you sit in a straight, upright position. Lift your arms to shoulder height and push the dumbbells out in front of you. Do four sets of 12.

  • Stay sitting but this time have your arms stretched to your sides. Lift the dumbbells with your arms stretched. Do four sets of 12.

  • Lie down facing the floor with your hands shoulder width apart on the floor. Keep your legs next to each other. Using your arms, push your torso up. This exercise is called a "push-up" because you push your entire body up from the floor with your arms. Keep your neck in a natural position so you don't strain. Do four sets of 12. Take a two minute break between each set.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change your eating habits. Eat less fatty foods and lower your calorie intake. Check the labels of the food products you buy to be able to control your calorie intake.
  • If you are a beginner, start with fewer exercises and do not strain your body. Only do the amount of exercise that you can comfortably finish.

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