How to Properly Take Vitamins

Vitamins are needed by the body in minute quantities for maintenance and immunity.
Vitamins are needed by the body in minute quantities for maintenance and immunity. (Image: Daily Vitamins and Minerals image by from

Vitamins are micro nutrients needed by the body in small quantities to improve immunity and supplement nutrients that are not gotten from the food eaten. They come in form of pills or liquids and have to be taken properly in other to be effective to the body. Vitamins have been shown to reduce the risk of deficiency diseases if taken properly however, some vitamins cannot be absorbed by the body, if taken without eating or if they are not taken according to the instructions.

Consult your doctor or a pharmacist before taking any vitamins. Some vitamins can have serious side effects if taken when certain health conditions exist or if taken with other medications. It is important to inform your physician about the vitamins you are taking to avoid adverse effects.

Carefully follow the directions and warnings on the package of the vitamins to avoid taking more than required. It is advisable to take the smallest effective dose required to avoid taking an overdose, however, in case of an overdose, contact a medical or poison control center immediately. If you have an adverse or allergic reaction to any vitamins, discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor.

Eat properly while taking vitamins because most vitamins need food to be effective. Vitamins do not replace healthy food, but supplement for some nutrients lacking in certain foods. Consult your doctor before taking vitamins because few vitamins are best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach. Also, some vitamins cannot be combined together. Iron should not be combined with other vitamins or with calcium. Do not take iron with milk or cheese based foods which contain calcium but iron can be taken with a glass of orange juice, which contains vitamin C that helps in absorption of iron.

Be consistent when taking vitamins. It is advisable to have specific time or periods for taking the vitamins and avoid skipping days. If you are normally very busy, you can set a reminder for specific times to take the vitamins so that you won't forget to take it. If you are not consistent, the vitamins won't be properly absorbed by the body and won't be effective.

Tips & Warnings

  • The body requires vitamins for it to function effectively at its peak. The body can only make vitamin D by itself, so it is important to get in vitamins into the body at the correct doses and times. For maximum effects, drink vitamins with a lot of water so that it can go down faster to the stomach where it can be absorbed adequately by the body.
  • Do not take vitamins with drinks that are too hot or cold as it will prevent the vitamins from dissolving properly when swallowed. Do not take vitamins without consulting your doctor if you have a chronic disease or you are on other medications. Carefully follow the doctor's prescriptions or directions in the package properly and do not take more than required because some vitamins are toxic in excess.

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