How to Replace the Front Motor Mount on a Harley-Davidson


Over the years, Harley-Davidson has found ways to reduce the vibration riders feel on their bikes. Most of those improvements have been to the suspension. The most recent big improvement came when the motor company switched from cast iron to rubber motor mounts. The old mounts used to break. The new ones simply wear out, sometimes in a startlingly short time. If your ride is becoming increasingly rough or you are noticing a persistent and unexplained rattle, inspect your front engine mount. If it is visibly worn, replace it.

Things You'll Need

  • Set of standard and deep well sockets
  • Set of standard box wrenches
  • Breaker bar
  • Ratchet
  • Motorcycle jack
  • Scissor jack
  • Small wood block
  • Replacement front motor mount
  • Clean rags
  • Light oil
  • Use a motorcycle jack to make your motorcycle completely upright and level. Lift the front tire more than an inch off the ground.

  • Reach the front motor mount by partially removing the voltage regulator from the frame. Remove the two nuts that hold the regulator to the frame and the left-side harness wire only. Let the regulator dangle from the right-side harness wire.

  • Find the six upper and lower plate bolts that secure the mount to the motor and the frame. Remove only the three lower plate bolts and the stabilizer link bolt. Before proceeding, use a scissor jack and a block of wood to raise the motor about ¼ inch. Then use a 9/16-inch box wrench and 9/16-inch deep well socket with a breaker bar to break the two upper plate bolts. Replace the breaker bar with a ratchet to finish removing the bolts.

  • Remove the upper engine plate, then remove the old motor mount. You may have to raise the motor slightly to do this. Do not raise it any higher than you must.

  • Wipe all plate, frame and engine surfaces with clean rags and light oil. Replace the upper engine plates and install the new motor mount. Replace but do not securely tighten all bolts. Lower and remove the scissor jack and block of wood. Tighten the two upper plate bolts first, the stabilizer link bolt next and the three lower plate bolts last.

  • Reconnect the left-side wiring harness to the voltage regulator, and bolt the regulator back onto the frame. Carefully lower the bike and remove the motorcycle jack.

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