How to Remove Tapeworms With Garlic

Treat tapeworms in dogs naturally.
Treat tapeworms in dogs naturally. (Image: dog image by jeancliclac from

Many cases of tapeworms in dogs begin through ingesting infected fleas during grooming. Common symptoms of a tapeworm infection in pets include vomiting, abdominal pains, diarrhea and weight loss. Tapeworms are treated in dogs naturally with garlic. Garlic removes an inner layer of the animal’s intestinal tract, making it an unwelcome environment for the invader. The amount of garlic given to the dog will depend upon its weight.

Add 1/8 tbsp. garlic powder to the dog’s food for every 15 pounds the dog weighs. For instance, a dog that weighs 45 pounds would receive 3/8 tbsp. of the powder in his kibble each day.

Introduce roughage to the dog’s food in small amounts after two to three days of giving it the garlic powder. This could include 1/8 tbsp. insoluble fiber, such as wheat bran, carrots, sweet potatoes or pumpkins.

Continue to give the dog its garlic and roughage for two weeks. The roughage can slowly be increased on a weekly basis if the dog is tolerating it well.

Examine the dog’s feces after two to three weeks. You should notice an increased number of tapeworms, which means the garlic is working.

Continue to give the dog its garlic and roughage for up to two months. If the tapeworms are not gone, contact a veterinarian.

Tips & Warnings

  • Contact your veterinarian before treating your dog with garlic.
  • Avoid giving your dog more than the recommended amount of garlic as excessive amounts of garlic can be toxic to dogs and cats.

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