How to Make a Winnie the Pooh Pinata


Winnie the Pooh, the beloved and cheerful character created by author A.A. Milne and further popularized by Disney is an excellent candidate for a homemade pinata. And, thanks to the Pooh bear's simplicity, you'll only need two colors of crepe paper.

Things You'll Need

  • Latex balloons

  • Masking tape

  • Recycled paper such as newspaper

  • Recycled cardboard shapes

  • Paper mache glue

  • Craft knife

  • String

  • Pinata fillings

  • Red and yellow crepe paper

  • Permanent black marker

Step 1: The Main Shape

Blow up one, large oval balloon for Pooh's torso. Use a smaller or less inflated balloon for his head. Attach the head to the torso with masking tape. If necessary, use the tape to squish the balloons slightly into the shape you want. Cover this main shape with one layer of paper strips and paper mache glue; allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Arms and Legs

Use recycled cardboard shapes or other recycled materials to make Pooh's arms and legs and ears. For example, attach cardboard tubes for the limbs, and tape a scrunched ball of newspaper on the ends for the Pooh bear's hands and feet. These will be completely covered, so they don't have to be pretty right now. Focus on creating the general shape. Slightly inflate a small balloon and attach it to the front of Pooh's face for his muzzle.

Step 3: Apply Paper Mache

Completely cover your pinata with paper strips and paper mache glue. Allow the layer to dry, and then apply another layer. Four to five layers should be enough, according to Brian Anderson's Pinata Boy website.


  • If you are putting a large amount of treats inside the pinata, you may need to add a few more layers, but you can puncture the dry pinata with a knife several times before playing to make it easier to break.

Step 4: Filling the Pinata

Cut a small flap into the bottom of your pinata with a craft knife. Burst the balloons and remove them. Cut a small hole in the top of the pinata for the string. Attach the string securely to a piece of sturdy cardboard, which will lie flat against the inside of the pinata, so your string won't be knocked loose. Run the string through the hole and tie it in a loop so your pinata is ready to be hung. Fill your pinata with the treats or toys, and seal the flap with masking tape.


  • Winnie the Pooh themed items such as stickers and small toys depicting Pooh and his friends are sure bets. In honor of the bear's favorite food, honey sticks might also be added.


    • Do not use small toys, hard candies, or anything that could be a choking hazard, in a pinata intended for children under five years of age. 
    • The spent latex balloons used to make the pinata are also a choking hazard; remove them from the pinata shell before filling it. 
    • Supervise young children at every stage during the game. Carefully dispose of any debris from the pinata once it bursts. 

Step 5: Decorating

Glue yellow crepe-paper strips to cover your bear once the paper mache is dry. Create his shirt with red crepe paper strips. If you prefer adding fringe, snip notches into a stack of crepe paper strips to create fringe, and then glue this on to the pinata. Use a permanent black marker to draw on small circles for his eyes and nose, as well as simple curves for his eyebrows and a large smile.

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