How to Create a Spanish Brochure

Make more money for your business by advertising with a Spanish brochure.
Make more money for your business by advertising with a Spanish brochure. (Image: money makes money image by Andrey Andreev from

Creating a brochure in Spanish is similar to creating an English brochure. Creating a brochure in Spanish, however, allows you to advertise your business to a new clientele and generate a new source of income from the Hispanic community. After you have determined the information that you will include in your Spanish edition brochure, create your personalized brochure.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Printer

Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word. Click on the Microsoft circle and select "New." A list with various types of documents appears. Look under the Brochures heading. Hover your mouse over each type of brochure to see a sample brochure for each style. It also shows whether it is a bifold or trifold style. Click on the chosen style of brochure. A template populates the screen.

Click on the first text box and highlight the contents. Click on "Review" on the toolbar at the top of the screen. Go to the right side of the options that appear and click on "Set Language." Choose one of the Spanish languages that appear on the drop-down menu, such as "Spanish — Traditional Sort." This process allows the computer to detect the Spanish language and underline misspelled words or grammatical errors in Spanish. If you click on another section of the document and notice that it is not underlining the English words, you may need to repeat this process in the new area of the document.

Highlight the text in the first text box. Delete the contents. Type in your new text. The new information should fit in the original size of the text box. Do not make the text box bigger or it will not align correctly when you print it. To insert Spanish accent and punctuation marks, click on "Insert" on the toolbar at the top. Click "Symbol" from the new menu. Scroll through the list of symbols until you find the one you need. Click on it and the symbol appears where your cursor was last situated.

Continue typing your text into the available text boxes. Insert images to add color and interest to your brochure. Click on "Insert" on the toolbar. Choose between clip art or a saved image. Choose the image you want to use. Drag the image to the area where you want it to reside on the brochure.

Add details to personalize your brochure. Change the font and color of text. Make your headings a different color and style than your regular text. Highlight the text you want to change and choose different options from the font style, size and color that are located on the toolbar.

Click on "Print" from the main menu. Retrieve your document and carefully fold it in between the columns, being sure that the pages crisply line up after folding.

Adobe Illustrator

Open your Adobe Illustrator program. Click on the "From Template" option. A new window appears.

Click on the Basic folder. A series of folders appears on the screen. Click on the Blank Templates folder. Hold the "Ctrl" key and highlight the templates titled "Inside Brochure" and "Outside Brochure." Select the "New" button. The empty templates populate the screen.

Add content to the inside brochure template. Click on the text toolbar. Select the Text tool. Type in your desired text. Change the font, size and style of your text as desired. Click on "File," "Place" at the top of your window to add pictures. Click on the image you want to use. Drag it to the correct location with your mouse.

Add content to the outside brochure template. Add text, business contact information and images as you did previously.

Print the inside brochure. Turn the printed paper around to the back side. Print the outside brochure. If the text is not facing the correct direction, try again by flipping the paper upside down when you print the outside brochure. The direction you need to face the paper depends on your printer. Print the inside and outside brochures again. Continue this process until you have successfully printed all of your brochures in the correct direction.


Go to the AG Design's website. This website lists the names and links for many businesses that sell brochure templates. Click on one of the links provided. Type in keywords in the Search field to find the type of brochure you are creating. As an alternative, opt for a free template found on the website. Your options are more limited, but the price is obviously lower.

Click on a brochure that interests you. The image enlarges. Click on the "View Details" link to see specific information pertaining to the brochure style. The new page shows you what type of fold the brochure uses, the size specifications and the price per unit. Go back if you do not like the brochure. Select another brochure to view the details. Click "Add to Cart" when you find the brochure you like best.

Click on "Proceed to Checkout." Create a new account with the business. Type in all pertinent information, including payment information.

Download your template when your payment has cleared. You can usually download to several programs, including Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

Type your information in the template. Follow the model provided. Insert a new picture where the template picture is. Print out the brochure. Fold the brochure in the method displayed with the template.

Tips & Warnings

  • Get additional options for your brochure template by going to the Microsoft Office Online site.

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