How to Win a Middle School Election with Funny Election Ideas, Speeches & Tricks

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Creative campaign ideas can help win a middle school election. (Photo: Yes or no tickbox with red yes tick image by mashe from

Preparing a speech for a middle school election can be an intimidating task. To win a middle school election you will have to obtain the admiration of multiple peers in multiple peer groups. To have a fighting chance at winning, you will need to be creative, appeal to humor, present a well-planned speech and confidently own who you are.

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Know who you are and own it. Don't apologize for it. This is the best trick you have in winning the election. Confidence is magnetic and attractive. Few people your age are able to be confident. Don't just follow the crowd. Be authentic; this is what makes a true leader and a winner. Hold your head and shoulders up high, look your peers in the eye and speak with confidence.

Ask friends to help with your campaign. (Photo: group of friends image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

Get help from willing friends. Your friends can help promote your campaign by wearing t-shirts for the campaign, helping to make flyers, telling others to vote for you, and acting as moral support. A good group of promoters will make all the difference in your campaign.

Put your heads together to come up with great promotional ideas. (Photo: friends image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

Make flyers to promote your campaign. They can be serious and include all the reasons you are running and what you hope to achieve. They can also be funny and have a memorable and funny picture of you on them. Ask a friend or relative who knows how to use the Adobe Photoshop program to create images, such as placing your picture in with a picture of celebrities, or even putting your face on a super-hero's body. Only distribute flyers during school-allowed times, and only post them in designated areas.

Put lots of preparation into your speech. (Photo: Microphone image by Towards Ithaca from

Write a speech that addresses the concerns of your peers and the duties of your office. Explain how you will operate as a leader and what issues you plan to focus your energy. Use humor in your speech. Include funny (school-appropriate) lines from popular movies or TV shows. Make appropriate, lighthearted jokes about the school, cafeteria, principal or a popular teacher. Make jokes about yourself. Practice the jokes with your friends and family to make sure your material is relevant, funny and delivered well.

Read your speech to friends and family, and ask for ways to improve it. Ask a teacher to review it. Ask for guidance from the election coordinator about the acceptable length of your speech. Practice reading it, and attempt to memorize most of it so that you can look out on the audience and not just at the paper when giving it.

Throw a party to promote your campaign. (Photo: teen on the party with noise-maker image by Alexey Klementiev from

Be creative. Throw a theme party the night before the election to promote your campaign. Make t-shirts to advertise your name and campaign agenda. Include props, short skits, music or video clips (if allowed and possible) in your presentation and speech to make it more interesting. Make sure the ideas are within school rules.

Things You'll Need

  • Prepared Speech
  • Flyers
  • Promoters
    Tips & Warnings
  • Be sure to follow all of the rules and regulations your school requires for elections.


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