How to Exercise With a Walking Cast


After an injury or surgical procedure that leaves you in a walking cast, it might be tempting to sideline yourself and stop participating in physical exercise. This inactivity will not help you maintain a sense of well-being, however, especially if you are used to exercising regularly. Get creative to exercise with a walking cast. You have many exercise options that do not involve excessive weight bearing on your injured foot or leg.

Things You'll Need

  • Dumbbells
  • Medicine ball
  • Weight machines
  • Rowing machine
  • Cast boot
  • Consult your physician before engaging in any exercises to learn what is safe for you to do. You must know how much weight bearing you can perform on your cast and how much walking you can safely do with your cast.

  • Sit or stand and use dumbbells to exercise your shoulders, chest, back, arms and waist. Raise the dumbbells above your head to work shoulders, perform butterfly exercises to work your chest, do curls and triceps extensions for your arms and bent-over rows for your back. Hold the dumbbells in your hands, bend your arms and twist back and forth at the waist to work your waist. Perform each exercise 10 times and then rest.

  • Lift a weighted medicine ball while sitting or standing. Stand while holding the medicine ball in both hands. Raise the ball over your head, lower the ball to your feet and then lift it above your head again. Repeat this movement continuously to raise your heart rate. Move the medicine ball in front of you in a large figure-eight shape. Hold the ball while doing lunges and squats.

  • Use weight machines to work your upper body. Sit at a machine and operate it by pulling cables or lifting handles. Set the weight so you can perform each exercise about 10 times until you feel significant fatigue and then rest.

  • Sit and use a rowing machine by pulling the cables with your upper body. Hold your legs still and operate the machine with the strength of your upper body to raise your heart rate.

  • Wear a cast boot and walk if your physician recommends it and your walking cast is comfortable. Do not walk at speeds or for distances that cause too much fatigue, however.

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