Saloon Door Hinge Instructions


Saloon doors are double-sided doors that swing back and forth on a pivot. Some saloon doors automatically close after every swing, and some swing freely on the hinges. You can easily install a set of saloon doors into any doorway using a set of café door hinges. The most important part about installing saloon doors is ensuring the doors fit perfectly inside the door frame without touching each other or leaving a large gap in the doorway. Measure the door frame width and the width of the doors before installing them in the frame to ensure a perfect fit.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack plane
  • Café door hinges
  • Pencil
  • Power screwdriver
  • Spray lubricant
  • Round the edges of the saloon door if they are not already rounded. If you do not round the edges, the door will scrape against the door jamb and will not swing properly.

  • Determine the placement of the doors along the side doorway jambs. Mark the location of the pivot points along the door jamb with a pencil or marker.

  • Screw the pivots into the top and bottom of the saloon doors with a power screwdriver.

  • Screw the frame brackets into the marks that you previously made along the door frame. Screw the bottom frames in place first. Set the door into the frame and double-check the placement of the top frame before screwing it into place. That way you do not have to re-screw the frame if your original measurements are slightly off.

  • Screw the top frames into the wall using one screw only. Place the door into the bottom frame and angle the top frame so that you can stick the top pivot into the hole. Align the top frame correctly once the pivot is set inside the frame. Screw the other frame screw in place. Repeat for the other door.

  • Oil the hinges with a spray lubricant to help them turn correctly and to prevent squeaking.

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