How to Tie Air Max Laces


Nike produces a number of different Air Max shoes for various sports such as running, walking and basketball. Air Max shoes provide support in the heel area so that the foot is cushioned during athletic activity, which puts less stress on the ankles and knees. You can tie Air Max laces in a variety of ways so that the shoe conforms to your foot shape. Using the sawtooth lacing and tying method tightens Air Maxes around the feet and ankles and provides the support necessary for active exercise.

Sawtooth Lacing and Tying Technique

  • Put one end of your laces into the top left hole from the outside on your Air Max. Pull the lace through the hole. Take the other end of your lace and place it into the right top hole from the outside of your shoe and pull it through.

  • Adjust your laces to make sure that both sides are the same length. Your top lace should resemble a straight horizontal line going across the tongue of your Air Max.

  • Take your left lace and pull it through the second hole down on the right side of your Air Max so that the lace goes through the interior of the hole and comes out from the top. Take your right lace and pull it through the second hole down on the left side of your Air Max so that the lace goes through the interior of the hole and comes out from the top.

  • Alternate pulling the left and right laces diagonally through the holes on opposite sides of your Air Max shoe. This creates a crisscross pattern from the top part of your shoe to the part that hugs your ankle. Continue lacing until you have laced your entire shoe.

  • Put the shoe on your foot. Alternate between pulling upward on your lace pattern and outward with the ends of your laces starting from the top of your Air Max to tighten them.

  • Place the left and right laces in the corresponding hands. Cross your left lace over your right lace to create an "X." Pull the end of your left lace through the bottom part of the "X" so that the laces appear twisted. Pull both ends of the laces to tighten them.

  • Make a loop with the right lace. Cross the left lace in front of the right lace so that it half-way encircles the right lace. Pull the left lace through the back side of the hole so that the left lace turns into a loop. Pull both loops at the same time to tighten your laces. Double knot your laces if they are too loose or long.

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