How to Hypnotize Yourself for Success


You hypnotize yourself and reprogram your subconscious mind to develop certain abilities that can help you achieve your goals. Some people have the capacity to reach the top through perseverance, hard work, courage, self-motivation and other factors, while others give up due to hurdles and low self-motivation. To change your capacity for success, hypnotize yourself and gain access to your subconscious mind. Get it to believe that success is a certainty. All you have to do is get into a particular mood and show your mind what it would be like to "feel" the successful life to which you aspire.

  • Find a relaxing place where you can comfortably sit or lie down for 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Think about success. The definition of "success" varies from individual to individual, depending on priorities. It could be financial security, reaching a certain level in professional life, leading a particular lifestyle or perhaps fulfillment in general and inner peace. Whatever aspect of success you have in mind, think about it and its implications. Do not think anything negative like "I don't fulfill the educational requirements to reach where I want to head" or "I don't have enough resources to live the life I want." Think positive, and focus only on your goal.

  • Try looking above your line of sight without moving your head. You will feel a slight strain in your eyes.

  • Listen to all the sounds around you. Even if you're in a quiet environment, you will manage to pick a few sounds. Focus on any sound and keep listening intently for a few seconds.

  • Concentrate on your bodily sensations, focusing on things like feeling the weight of your clothes or the inside of the shoe touching the skin of your foot. Select three such feelings and focus on them for the next few seconds.

  • Concentrate on your visual sensations and focus on any two things for the next few seconds.

  • Listen for two different types of sounds in the room, again. Focus on both at the same time for a few seconds.

  • Focus on any two body movements involving muscles and keep thinking about them for a few seconds. For instance, you could think about the motion of your arms or legs as you walk. This activity helps you relate to your central nervous system.

  • Repeat Step 6, Step 7 and Step 8, only instead of two, focus on one visual, one auditory and one body movement.

  • Close your eyes, and think of a beautiful scene. It could be anything that appeals you and fulfills the purpose of relaxing you, such as the image of a garden, a forest or the beach. Maintain this visual image in your mind for the next few minutes.

  • Think about your life's success, short-term or long-term. Focus on your objective, and imagine having attained that goal. Feel and listen to the sounds and sensations that are particularly associated with the mental picture in which you have already reached your goal.

  • Maintain this visual image and feeling. Keep thinking about your future and enjoy the success. After a few minutes, count from one to five, and open your eyes.

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