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In the modern times of fad diets and everyone acting like she's an expert, it is rare to find an honest solution to help you lose weight drastically and in a fashion that can be maintained. Fortunately, there lies a genuine solution within the sea of disinformation, and it is based on credible science. By incorporating some less popular ideas, such as increasing your consumption of whole and raw foods, you can shed those pounds without temporary fad diets and unrealistic amounts of exercise.

Losing weight drastically requires a strategic diet.
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Step 1

Eat more raw or minimally processed, whole and chemical-free foods. Any food that your great-great grandparents would recognize as food is good for your cause, including but not limited to unpasteurized dairy, meat, freshly baked or cooked whole-grain products, fruits, vegetables and coconut products.

Whole foods come from farms and nature, not processing plants.
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Step 2

Eat as much of any nutrient as you desire, and eat until satiated. Eat whenever you feel hungry as well, even if that means eating until satiation seven times in a day. According to Matt Stone, a health researcher and lecturer, limiting the amount of any specific nutrient, such as carbohydrates or fat, consumed or the amount of food consumed overall in a day causes disarray in your endocrine system and lowers your metabolic rate, resulting in weight gain and other health issues.

Eat until you're satisfied and as often as necessary.
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Step 3

Avoid processed and chemical-containing foods. Processed and chemical containing foods have the potential to sabotage your weight loss effort entirely. One example is MSG, which induced obesity in laboratory rats in studies. But according to Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ph.D., of all the processed and chemical-containing foods people consume, vegetable oils and corn syrup, including high fructose corn syrup, are the most responsible for the current obesity epidemic.

Vegetable oils like canola and soybean oil are not good for dieters.
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Step 4

Eat strategic nutritional combinations that help remove excess body fat. Vonderplanitz recommends raw, fresh lemon or lime juice in good mineral water to neutralize the conditions that result in watery body fat stores. Eat lots of raw or minimally processed, whole fats such as butter, cream, meat fat, coconut meat or oil and avocados. According to Vonderplanitz, these fats should comprise 40 percent of your daily diet. Vonderplanitz has even put an obese female client on a high-fat raw diet of mostly homemade, raw ice cream, and she lost over 150 lbs. within two years with a minimal amount of exercise. Eat raw pineapple as well to help remove firm or solid fat stores, including cellulite.

Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down fat.
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Step 5

Exercise moderately at least a few times per week and walk and move around as often as you get the chance daily. Exercise should not be in excess or make or break your attempt to lose weight drastically as it seems to in regular fad diets. Rather, its purpose is to remove old, especially hardened, fat stores and increase the amount of calorie usurping muscle within your body, which increases your metabolism.

Exercise helps remove fat and ups your metabolism.
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Step 6

Eat coconut products. As Mary Enig, Ph.D., and Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation have pointed out, coconut fat requires little digestion due to the shorter length of the fatty acid chains and is immediately absorbed and used for energy demands, not stored as body fat.

Coconut fat requires little digestion.
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