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Many computer manufacturers sell the default search engine setting in Internet Explorer to the highest bidder. So Google, Bing or Yahoo can pay Dell, HP or any other manufacturer to make your browser automatically search through their engine. You can change this default setting so that the Internet browser searches through a search engine of your choosing.

  • Turn on your computer and make sure that you have a live Internet connection. Double-click on your Internet Explorer icon to open up your Web browser. Locate the search engine text entry bar on the upper-right-hand part of your browser window. There is an arrow pointing downward in the text entry bar. Click on the arrow. Click on the "Find more Providers" button in the drop-down menu.

  • Locate the search engine that you want to use as your default search engine. There are many choices from Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia and even the "New York Times" search engine. If the search engine that you want to use is not present in the initial splash page, then type the name in the search bar in the splash page to find the specific search engine that you want.

  • Click on "Add to Internet Explorer" to add that search engine to your search engine portfolio. On the pop-up window that presents itself afterward, click on the "Make this my default search provider" and then exit your Internet browser. Reopen your Internet browser and your default search engine will now be changed.


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