How to Run Drills for Softball Indoors


If the weather outside is dreary, players and coaches can keep their softball skills sharp with indoor drills. Because many areas of the country see rain, snow or cold weather for long portions of the year, softball coaches take their players indoors for workouts that can make the difference when their players hit the field.


  • Find a place to practice by renting a gymnasium or indoor sport facility.

  • Set up portable bases around the facility and place a pitching rubber between home plate and second base, according to the regulation lengths of your league.

  • Set up a hitting net or cage for batters in a corner of the facility to maximize playing space.


  • Ask players to stretch for 15 minutes before beginning any softball-related workouts.

  • Get players to jog along the outside walls of the gymnasium for 10 minutes to warm up for practice.

  • Begin the workout by having players play catch for five to 10 minutes. Pitchers may need longer.


  • Have a pitcher (or pitching machine) throw batting practice to hitters. Players could also hit the ball off a tee.

  • Make sure the hitters are hitting into the net to ensure the safety of all participants. Players should always wear a helmet when batting.

  • Each batter should take about 25 swings. Increase or decrease this number based on the hitter's experience level or need for more practice.

  • Watch the hitter's stance and the position of her hands when swinging the bat -- these are the most important parts of batting.

Outfield Communication Drills

  • Send two outfielders to the other side of the gymnasium.

  • Bat or throw a ball in their general direction. Players must call for the ball and make the catch, teaching them the value of communication in the outfield.

  • If a ball is dropped, a player must jog a lap around the gymnasium while another takes his place in the outfield.

Infield Fielding Drills

  • Set up bases and position infielders in a manner similar to the outdoor diamond.

  • Hit ground balls to third base, shortstop, second base and first base. At first, go "around the horn," starting with third base and moving all the way over to first base.

  • Hit ground balls randomly to the fielders to keep them sharp once the players are warmed up. When a player misses a ball, she is eliminated from the drill. Continue until only one fielder is left.

  • Return all fielders to their regular positions and work on turning double plays.

Running the Bases

  • Set up two bases at a regular distance apart. Man each base with a fielder and have the fielders throw the ball back and forth.

  • Put a runner on one of the bases. Make sure she is wearing a helmet. Have the runner attempt to advance to the next base. The runner wants to avoid being tagged out by the fielders.

  • Once the runner is tagged out, she becomes a fielder. The fielder becomes the runner, and the drill repeats.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always wear helmets and other softball protective equipment in the gymnasium.

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