How to Use Scepter Child Resistant Closures


Scepter manufactures injection molded products such as trash cans, beverage cases and PVC piping. Since the 1960s, Scepter had produced a broad range of portable fuel containers, from small household gas cans to portable wheeled tanks. In order to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Scepter includes child-resistant closures on all consumer fuel containers. There are two child-resistant closures on the fuel container. One is on the collar of the refilling lid and the other is on the spout located in the center of the lid.

Things You'll Need

  • Fuel
  • Depress the black flange at the top of the fuel container cap and turn the cap counterclockwise. The flange is a small rectangular tab of plastic attached to the ring around the cap. Pressing the flange lowers the teeth on a ring around the cap. These locking teeth prevent children from simply opening the container.

  • Fill the container with fuel.

  • Place the entire cap assembly back on the fuel container. Rotate the cap clockwise. There is no need to depress the flange. Listen for the click as the teeth of the cap grind against the teeth of the ring. Tighten the cap securely. Test the child-safe properties of the cap by trying to open the cap without depressing the flange.

  • Locate the green collar on the base of the fuel spout. Directly above the collar are icons of a closed and an open lock. When unused, the arrow on the collar will be pointing to the lock icon. The icons are molded into the black plastic.

  • Place the container on the ground, depress the cap flange and loosen the cap. Do this before fueling. This releases any pressure that may have built from the stored fuel. Tighten the cap before unlocking the spout.

  • Rotate the green collar clockwise until the arrow points to the unlock icon. You will hear a click and the spout will extend, becoming 1/2 inch longer.

  • Place the spout in the tank. There is a small notched tab on the lower side of the spout. Rest this tab on the edge of the tank you wish to fill. Press the fuel container against the tank. This depresses the spout, locking the spout while allowing the fuel to flow.

  • Remove the spout from the gas tank. When the gas ceases to flow, the spout automatically closes. The act of depressing the spout locks the collar on the spout and prevents children from contact with the fuel.

  • To add more fuel, rotate the collar clockwise to the unlock position.

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