How to Get in Saffron City on "Pokemon: FireRed"

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"Pokemon: FireRed Version" is a game for the Nintendo DS that offers improved graphics, larger Pokemon selections, new abilities and enhanced attacks compared to the original edition of the game, "Pokemon: Red Version." There will come a point in playing "Pokemon: FireRed Version" when you will need to enter Saffron City to proceed with the storyline. You will first be asked to travel to Saffron City while in Celadon City.

  • Go to Celadon City if you are not already there.

  • Enter Celadon mansion and speak with the elderly woman on the first floor.

  • Wait as the elderly woman prepares the gate guard's favorite tea and take it from her when offered.

  • Walk to the city gate and speak to the gate guard. He will ask you about the tea.

  • Give the gate guard the tea, and he will allow you to pass through the gate and into Saffron City.


  • "Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green"; Eric Mylonas; 2008
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