How to Get in Saffron City on "Pokemon: FireRed"

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"Pokemon: FireRed Version" is a game for the Nintendo DS that offers improved graphics, larger Pokemon selections, new abilities and enhanced attacks compared to the original edition of the game, "Pokemon: Red Version." There will come a point in playing "Pokemon: FireRed Version" when you will need to enter Saffron City to proceed with the storyline. You will first be asked to travel to Saffron City while in Celadon City.


  1. Go to Celadon City if you are not already there.

  2. Enter Celadon mansion and speak with the elderly woman on the first floor.

  3. Wait as the elderly woman prepares the gate guard's favorite tea and take it from her when offered.

  4. Walk to the city gate and speak to the gate guard. He will ask you about the tea.

  5. Give the gate guard the tea, and he will allow you to pass through the gate and into Saffron City.


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