How to Trim Dog Nails With Dremel Tool

A nice nail trim will keep your dog walking comfortably.
A nice nail trim will keep your dog walking comfortably. (Image: zampa image by UBE from

If your dog's nails are getting long, unsightly, and make a typical clicking noise when walking on a hard surface, a nice nail trim is in order to allow your canine companion to walk comfortably. Not many dog owners are aware of the fact a Dremel tool -- used by many handymen to sand, grind or cut wood -- can make an excellent nail trimmer. The rotary action of the Dremel tool basically grinds the dog's nails quickly, effectively and safely.

Things You'll Need

  • Dremel tool
  • Treats

Turn the Dremel tool on for a few seconds and give your dog some treats while it is on. Teach your dog basically that every time the Dremel tool turns on, great things happen and your dog gets a treat, whereas when it turns off, nothing happens.

Repeat several times until the dog seems comfortable with the noise. You should notice that your dog is looking up at you for treats every time you turn the Dremel on.

Sit on the floor and place your dog on your lap or have an assistant help you. Turn the Dremel on and use it to trim the nails. Grind the nail at a 45-degree angle, being careful to avoid the quick.

Praise and treat every now and then. You want to make nail trimming an overall positive experience so your dog remains happy and cooperative.

Tips & Warnings

  • When it comes to nail trims, it is preferable to cut a small amount regularly than a large amount at once.
  • Keep styptic powder on hand in case you cut through the quick and must stop the bleeding.
  • Packing the nail with flour or cornstarch may also effectively stop bleeding from the quick.
  • Cutting the nail too short may cause you to cut or grind into the quick, causing bleeding.
  • Some dogs may take a while to get used to the noise of the Dremel: Give them time.
  • Be wary of fur possibly getting caught in the Dremel tool.
  • Be wary of using the fastest settings: The friction may be too much and it could get too hot for the dog's nails.

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