How to Get Mew & Mewtwo on Pokemon Platinum


The extremely rare classic pair of psychic Pokemon, Mew and Mewtwo, are obtainable in "Pokemon Platinum," but they require a great deal of effort to find and capture. Mewtwo is a large, aggressive, genetically altered monster that was the strongest of the first generation of Pokemon. Mew is a special catch because it has the ability to learn all of the trainable TM and HM moves in the game. These pink powerhouses are a great match for Psychic-type-centered teams.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Nintendo DS systems
  • "Pokemon HeartGold" or "Pokemon SoulSilver"

Getting Mew

  • Check the official Pokemon homepage (see Resources) frequently to learn when Mew will be given away as a promotion. Mew cannot be found naturally in "Pokemon Platinum" without hacking the game. Tampering with the game may delete your saved file or damage the game.

  • Bring your DS and "Pokemon Platinum" to the Wi-Fi location listed on the website. Follow the instructions listed on the promotion to download a Wonder Card redeemable for Mew to your game.

  • Start your saved game and enter any PokeMart location. Talk to the delivery man standing next to the counter to receive Mew.

Getting Mewtwo

  • Enter Cerulean Cave after you have defeated the Elite Four. Cerulean Cave can only be accessed in "Pokemon HeartGold" and "Pokemon SoulSilver" versions.

  • Survive the onslaught of high-level Pokemon and make your way to the third basement level of the cave. Be prepared to defend against creatures such as Primeape, Machoke and Wobbuffet.

  • Save your game when you meet Mewtwo at the end of the cave. Walk up to it to engage in a battle. Capture Mewtwo and trade it to your saved game on "Pokemon Platinum" from either "Pokemon HeartGold" or "Pokemon SoulSilver."

Tips & Warnings

  • Mewtwo is extremely powerful and is difficult to capture in a Pokeball, so be patient. Catching Mewtwo may take several attempts.
  • Browse Pokemon fan sites and ask to trade for Mew and Mewtwo over the Nintendo Wi-Fi trading service. Be prepared to trade a very powerful and exotic monster in return, because these two are exceedingly rare.

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