How to Bake and Cook for a Child with a Milk Allergy

Most kid-friendly foods can be made without milk. Re-create cupcakes, cookies, sauces and casseroles without milk and help your child feel normal. Often a child with milk allergies feels excluded from parties and activities because of her allergy. She cannot participate in one of the key components of the party: the eating. By providing children with a milk-free substitution, you give them an opportunity to fit in.


  1. How to Bake Without Milk

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      Substitute butter out of all baked goods recipes with milk-free margarines. These margarines work just as well as butter in cookies, cakes, cupcakes and pies. Combine margarine, powdered sugar, vanilla soy milk and vanilla extract to make delicious frosting. Carefully check the label on the margarine for milk or a milk derivative. Most margarine brands are not completely milk-free.

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      Use soy, oat or almond milk in recipes that require cow's milk. For cakes, cupcakes and cookies, use vanilla soy milk to replace milk. Soy milk has a similar consistency to milk and provides the same function. Vanilla soy milk adds a slight vanilla flavor and sweetness to the recipe. If the recipe calls for vanilla, lessen the amount a bit. Oat and almond milk are slightly thinner than cow's milk and can work in these recipes; they add less flavor, however.

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      Bake a pie with a store-bought crust. Most premade crusts that you roll out to use, not the ones already in a tin, do not contain milk. Simply unwrap the dough, push into a pie tin and fill with your favorite fruit filling. Replicate cream pies such as pumpkin and banana cream pie with firm tofu replacing milk, eggs and cream. Use a blender to turn the tofu into a thick cream. Combine with sugar and pumpkin or bananas and fold into a pie crust.

    How to Cook Without Milk

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      Sauté garlic, onions and vegetables in milk-free margarine, if the recipe calls for butter. Recipes with butter sautés require a richness not produced by oil. Margarine replicates this richness and cooks just like butter.

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      Make a roux for gravies and sauces by mixing margarine with flour. For gravies, add chicken broth or meat drippings to the roux, stirring constantly until it achieves the right consistency. For sauces, add oat milk, white wine or water plus herbs to create a delicious milk-free sauce.

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      Substitute the milk in cream soups and casseroles with oat or almond milk. Almond milk adds an almond flavor to dishes. Use it with dishes that also use sliced almonds, such as turkey casseroles. Oat milk works to add a creamy texture to soups such as tomato and squash, without introducing a new flavor.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most children eventually grow out of their milk allergies -- many before 5 years old, some after puberty.
  • Avoid ingredients that contain whey or casein. Even small amounts of these milk proteins can cause a reaction in an allergic child.
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