How to Kill a Wasp With Powder


Wasps are beneficial in spring and early summer because they feed on garden pests, according to "Popular Mechanics Complete Home How-To" by Albert Jackson and David Day. Later in the year wasps damage soft fruits and even kill bees and raid hives for honey, Jackson and Day add. A way you can get rid of wasps is to use an insecticidal powder to kill the wasps at the nest.

  • Locate the nest where the wasps live. Follow the direction that streams of wasps are flying in after collecting food. Wasps normally fly directly to their nests after collecting food. Look out for more than one wasp nest in the location you discover. Multiple wasp nests will usually be located within meters of each other.

  • Purchase a wasp-insecticide powder from an insecticide store. Read carefully and understand the manufacturer's instructions on the package.

  • Wait until night fall when all wasps are in the nest to approach the nest. Wasps are less active at night and do not usually fly when it is dark, making this the ideal time to apply the wasp treatment.

  • Deposit the insecticide powder into the wasp nest. Remove the cap on the insecticide powder pack, hold the pack horizontally or pointing downwards; depending on the position of the nest and swiftly apply the powder directly into the nest entrance hole and the place where the wasps alight.

  • Return indoors immediately after poisoning the wasps. Usually, wasp activity in the nest will cease within 24 hours. Repeat steps 1 through 4 within 48 hours to kill remaining wasps if there is still activity in the nest.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wasps will sting when aroused or frightened. Wear protective clothing, including an overall, gloves and a bee veil when approaching a wasp nest to protect yourself.
  • You may need to use a flashlight to guide you to the wasp nest. Cover the light with red cellophane. (You can use a rubber band or electric tape to secure the cellophane.) The red light enables you to see, but not the wasps.

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