How to Convert a Spray Bottle Into a Milk Pump

A Saanen dairy goat can be a good source of nutritious milk.
A Saanen dairy goat can be a good source of nutritious milk. (Image: goat portrait image by Dumitrescu Ciprian from

Milking goats can be a tiresome chore, especially on your hands. So making a low-cost hand milker can be the solution to all your problems. Even if you have arthritis, a home-made hand milker can make it possible for you to continue milking your goats and enjoying the benefits of fresh milk.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle
  • One-fourth inch aquarium tubing
  • 35-cc syringe

Remove the spray-bottle pump from the bottle. Grasp the plastic tube attached to the nozzle and pull it out.

The spray-bottle pump is central.
The spray-bottle pump is central. (Image: green spray bottle image by Jim Mills from

Attach one end of the aquarium tubing to the spray-bottle pump and the other end to the 35-cc syringe.

Aquarium tubing provides the conduit.
Aquarium tubing provides the conduit. (Image: gel tubing macro image by laurent dambies from

Wash the goat's teats and squirt some milk by hand into the syringe. Apply the syringe to the teat while it is still damp so a vacuum will form.

Squeeze the trigger on the nozzle slowly until the milk starts to flow. Continue to press the trigger until you are finished milking.

Clean the milker immediately after each use. Pump cold water and then warm water through it several times. Use mild detergent or vinegar once a week to clean the milker.

Tips & Warnings

  • Massage the goat's udder to help the flow of milk. Clean the teats before and after milking to prevent mastitis.
  • Do not squeeze the trigger too fast or you may hurt the goat's teat by causing the vacuum to get too tight.

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