How to Freeze Cooked Oysters


An oyster is a marine mollusk that features a hard, calcified shell with a soft, edible flesh internally. Oysters are usually found in the water along coastlines and are considered a delicacy throughout most of the world. Like other seafood, oysters require the utmost care to preserve their freshness and prevent spoiling. If you have a batch of cooked oysters but can't finish them before they will go bad, you can easily freeze the oysters until you have a use for them.

Things You'll Need

  • Freezer-safe containers
  • Oyster cooking liquid
  • Lay out the cooked oyster on the bottom of a freezer-safe container. Keep the oysters in a single layer and use as many containers as necessary if you have more oysters than fit into one container.

  • Pour the liquid that you used to cook the oysters into the container to cover the oysters. The liquid will help stabilize the oysters and reduce the formations of ice crystals.

  • Lower the temperature in the freezer to 0 F or lower if your freezer has colder temperature settings. It is better for the meat of the oysters to freeze as quickly as possible.

  • Put the containers of oysters into the freezer and leave the freezer undisturbed until the liquids are frozen completely solid. Try not to open the door or move the containers during the freezing process, or you will diminish the freshness of the oysters.

  • Remove the containers from the freezer 24 hours before you want to eat them. Let the oysters thaw in a refrigerator for the 24 hours until serving.

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