How to Catch Lugia in "Pokemon HeartGold"


One of the greatest challenges of any Pokemon game is capturing the elusive Legendary Pokemon, and Lugia is no exception in "Pokemon HeartGold." Hidden away in the Whirl Islands, you will have to beat the entire game before given a chance to capture Lugia. You will need the HMs Surf, Whirlpool and Flash to complete this task. Bring Rock-, Dark- and Electric-type Pokemon to make sure you don't leave the Whirl Islands empty handed.

  • Obtain the Silver Wing. Go to Pewter City and speak to the elderly man who stands on the small hill beside the Poke Mart. Travel to Cianwood City and use Surf from the north side of the city. Avoid the first whirlpool, head southeast and enter the next whirlpool you encounter. Enter the doorway you find on the other side.

  • Use Flash to light up the cave. Walk forward and jump off the edge. Take the upper path, jump the ledge and head north. Climb down the ladder at the end. Follow the path until you reach another ladder. Descend this ladder to reach yet another level.

  • Walk south and take the right pathway. Speak to the man standing there and follow the series of ramps. Avoid the tunnel and enter the cave entrance at the bottom of the ramps. Save your game after watching a cutscene with the Kimono Girls. Walk to the water and use Surf to reach Lugia.

  • Attack Lugia. Use Pressure to lower Lugia's PP levels. Use Rock, Dark and Electric attacks to wear down his HP. Avoid using Grass-, Ground- or Psychic-type Pokemon, as Lugia has a high defense against them. Switch to weaker attacks once Lugia's health gets into the yellow, so you don't accidentally knock him out.

  • Catch Lugia once his health is in the red. Throw Heavy Balls, which add +20 to the catch rate, or Ultra Balls to capture Lugia. Use a Master Ball for a guaranteed catch, but you should be able to capture Lugia without having to resort to that unique item. Be patient, as it might take several Heavy or Ultra Balls until Lugia is caught.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Whirl Islands are full of good items, so travel around them to discover all they have to offer.
  • Teach Lugia Psychic moves such as Psychic, Reflect and Light Screen to maximize his abilities as a strong Psychic-type Pokemon.
  • Lugia is strong against Fighting-, Grass- and Psychic-type opponents.
  • The steps for catching Lugia are different in "Pokemon Silversoul." You can reach Lugia after beating Team Rocket, before the Final Four.
  • Be careful not to knock Lugia out, or you'll have to repeat the battle to capture him.

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