How to Get HM Whirlpool in "Pokemon Gold Version"


Whirlpool is the sixth Hidden Machine (HM) found in "Pokemon Gold," "Silver" and "Crystal." It is given by Lance after the player defeats Team Rocket in Mahogany Town and shuts down the generator. Whirlpool is necessary to obtain the Dragon Fang and the Rising Badge, as well as to gain access to the legendary Pokemon Lugia in the Whirl Islands. In battle, Whirlpool is a water-type attack with 15 base damage and 70-percent accuracy that deals residual damage to the opposing Pokemon for two to five turns.

  • Catch or defeat the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. Speak with Lance and enter the small shop in Mahogany Town. Descend the stairs and enter the Team Rocket Base.

  • Follow the path and defeat the two Rocket Grunts. Go down and around and shut off the computer to disable the Persian statue alarms.

  • Backtrack and take the passage to the left. Defeat the trainer and cross the booby-trapped field, defeating or capturing the wild Geodude, Koffing, and Voltorb.

  • Follow the path and go down from the stairs to have Lance heal your party. Go right and descend the stairs.

  • Defeat the trainer standing next to the Full Heal and Dire Hit. Talk to him after the battle to obtain the first password. Defeat the trainer in the upper computer laboratory, and talk to him afterward to obtain the second password.

  • Ascend the stairs above the Protein, go left, and descend the stairs. Follow the path, ascend the next flight of stairs and pick up TM 46. Backtrack and descend the stairs.

  • Follow the path and input the passwords to open the door. Defeat the male Rocket Administrator. Team up with Lance and defeat the female Rocket Administrator.

  • Enter the generator room and defeat or catch the Electrode. Speak with Lance to obtain HM 06, Whirlpool.

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