How to Prevent Cat Litter Dust

Cat litter dust can be a nuisance to you and to your cat.
Cat litter dust can be a nuisance to you and to your cat. (Image: onur ersin/iStock/Getty Images)

Although some come really close, no cat litter is truly dust-free -- not even those that claim to be. Find a cat litter that produces very little dust, and make some adjustments to your household cat-care routine to limit how much dust gets into your space.

Switch to a Different Litter

Some cat litters produce more dust than others, so trying a new brand or type of litter might help. Look for litters made from natural materials and biodegradable ingredients such as ground corn cobs, pine litter or silica gel litter.

Regular clay litters tend to be dustier, so switch to any other material. Fine-grained clays are especially dusty -- they're not appropriate for kittens under 3 months of age. Thicker granulated clay produces less dust, so compare packages to choose the best option.

Use a Closed Litter Box

While enclosed litter boxes can't prevent dust from existing, they will prevent dust from spreading around the room. Make sure an enclosed litter box is large enough for your cat to move around comfortably. You can also place a large cardboard box around the litter box; place a hole in the side so the cat can access the litter. The cardboard box will catch dust and the litter your cat scratches out in all directions.

Odors and dust produced inside a covered litter box will remain inside, and your cat will breathe it every time he steps in. For the health of your cat, you should still use a litter that produces less dust.

Move to Another Room

If you notice a cloud of dust every time you fill the litter box, move somewhere else to clean it. Head to the garage or even outside if possible. Wear a face mask to avoid breathing in dust. Wait for the dust to settle before you move the box back into the house.

Clean the Box More Often

Cats, very clean animals, always try to cover things up after a visit to the litter box. The dirtier a littler box is, the more a cat might have to work to cover up his latest waste. By scooping the litter box at least once daily, you'll limit how much the cat fusses in the litter, reducing the amount of dust he sends into the environment.

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