How to Max Out Feebas' Beauty


Finding a Feebas presents a challenge all its own, as the fish-like Pokemon only appears on a select few tiles on a single map in each game it's present in. In the third generation of games, Feebas hangs out in six spots along the water on Route 119, while in the fourth generation it's found only in four tiles of the water on Mt. Coronet. Once you've caught the thing, you may be wondering just what to do with your new Pokemon and how to get it to evolve to the powerful and elegant Milotic. Unlike other Pokemon, Feebas only evolves once you max out its Beauty stat.

  • Catch a Feebas whose nature attribute is Modest, Mild, Rash or Quiet. The nature is important when feeding your Feebas Poffins or Pokeblocks, to get the most out of the stat increases.

  • Mix dry berries together. In the third generation, berries mix to make Pokeblocks. In the fourth generation, the foods you create are called Poffins. Either way, dry berries will help increase the Beauty stat. Ganlon berries work well, as do Wiki, Pamtre, Cornn, Chilan and Charti berries.

  • Check your Feebas' stats as you raise it to ensure the Beauty stat is rising and your Pokemon is not full. Once Feebas' beauty is maxed out you will no longer get a message saying the Beauty stat has gone up.

  • Take your Feebas to visit Daisy Oak in Pallet Town and to the haircut brothers in Goldenrod City if you have Pokemon "HeartGold" or "SoulSilver." These daily activities will boost its Beauty stat and soon max it out without having to deal with Poffins and Pokeblocks. You can trade your Feebas over from the other games to take advantage of this method.

  • Level Feebas up once you have the Beauty stat raised to the maximum. It will evolve to Milotic after the battle is over. You may want to have Feebas first in your party and switch it out for a stronger Pokemon to win the battle.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you can't find a Feebas in the wild, try trading with a friend or requesting one over the Global Trade Station.

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