How to Get an All-S-Ranked Chao in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle


"Sonic Adventure 2" is legendary among Sega fans for being the last game on the Dreamcast to receive critical acclaim. The GameCube port, "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle," remains one of the system's best-selling games and it maintains a strong player base to this day. One thing that keeps gamers returning is the option to raise cuddly little creatures called Chao. Long after a fan has beaten all the stages and collected all the rings, he can still spend hours in the Chao Gardens trying to raise his Chao's ranks. Only the most dedicated player will manage to raise an all-S-rank chao.

  • Assess the Chao in the garden by visiting the Chao doctor. The doctor will show you something that looks like "ACEAD" or "BSCED" for each Chao. In order to get an all-S-rank Chao, you have to breed Chao together to fill in genetic gaps. The goal is to collect Chao that will compliment each others' weaknesses and strengths. For instance, if you have a Chao with an A or S rank in flying, you should avoid keeping another Chao with that same rank, but should look instead for one with an A or S rank in Stamina or Speed.

  • Collect five Chao that, between them, have A or S ranks in every stat. The easiest way to do this is to start with Chao eggs, which can be bought at the Chao store in various colors. When the eggs hatch, the Chao will be children. Look at the statistics of these children and keep only those who have some A or S ranks.

  • Evolve the Chao into adults. After three hours in the garden, a young Chao will evolve. Before this time, you can raise a Chao's statistics by giving it the right animals and chaos drives. Give the Chao animals and drives that will boost a skill it has B or A ranks in. When the Chao evolves, it will gain another rank in that skill, turning it into an A or S rank. If you don't want to change the Chao's skills, then don't give it any animals or drives.

  • Cause the Chao to go into the mating season. Chao will only mate after their first evolution. Usually they will enter the mating season three hours after they become adults. To speed up the process, they can be given a Heart Fruit from the Black Market.

  • Choose two Chao to mate. Chao stats are not increased by breeding, so it is pointless to breed two Chao with A or S ranks in the same stat. Instead, you will want to mate two Chao with A or S rank stats in different categories in the hopes that their child will have both of those stats.

  • Give both Chao a Heart Fruit or wait until they are in the mating season. A flower ring will appear around the Chao to indicate that it is ready to mate.

  • Save the game by exiting the Chao Gardens. The statistics of an egg are randomized so saving and loading the game may be necessary to get a Chao with the desired ranks.

  • Load the game and enter the Chao Garden. Grab one of the ready Chao and put it next to the Chao it should mate with. The two Chao should produce an egg. If nothing happens, pick up one of the Chao and drop it again.

  • Hatch the egg that the Chao have laid. An egg can be hatched by shaking or nuzzling it. If you don't care whether the newborn Chao is happy, you can throw an egg into a wall several times to quickly hatch it.

  • Take the newborn Chao to the Chao Doctor to assess its statistics. If they are not satisfactory, immediately reset the system and go back to step eight. If the stats are alright, then go back to step five and try mating other Chao. With patience and a little luck, you will eventually breed a Chao with almost all of its ranks at S.

  • Reincarnate the Chao, which has almost all-S-ranks. Reincarnating a Chao requires seeing it through its entire life cycle, which can take 15 to 20 hours. During this time, the Chao must be treated well. Feed it well, make sure it is taken to the Chao Doctor if it gets sick, and pet it or play with it once an hour. Mate it during the mating season to make the process go faster. Also raise a stat during the first evolution to bring the Chao as close as possible to all-S-ranks. To save time, don't try reincarnating until you have a Chao with four S ranks and one A rank.

  • Raise the Chao until it dies. If it is happy, it will come back as an egg with the same stats that it died with. Raise it through the first evolution, giving it the proper Chaos Drives and Animals to boost its last rank from A to S.

  • Take the Chao to the Chao Doctor to confirm that it is an all-S-rank Chao. Treat the Chao well and it will reincarnate again when it dies, allowing you to continue boosting its statistics to the maximum level of 99.

Tips & Warnings

  • When giving a Chao animals, it helps to know what each one does. Yellow animals provide swimming skills; purple animals provide flying skills; green animals provide running skills; red animals provide power skills. No animal specifically raises stamina. To raise a Chao's stamina, feed it a lot of Strong Fruit, which can be grown from seeds bought at the Black Market.
  • Chao will mate more easily if they are in a good mood, are rested, have full
  • bellies and have been recently petted. Chao that like each other have a better chance of mating naturally. Friendships can be encouraged by putting the two Chao in classes together.
  • To stop Chao from mating, pick up one of them.
  • You can tell if a Chao is happy by watching its movements. A happy Chao will dance, skip, smile, play with objects and watch television. An unhappy Chao will throw tantrums, get dizzy eyes, hang its head and cry.
  • If the randomness of breeding doesn't appeal to you, you can get an all-S-rank Chao purely through reincarnation. This requires lots of patience.
  • Chao do not age or change while you are not in the Chao Garden. Playing the main game will not evolve the Chao.
  • Chao require attention and food to be kept happy and alive. Leaving the GameCube running overnight while Chao evolve can result in bad tempered or sick Chao. It can also be damaging to the gaming console.
  • These steps also work for "Sonic Adventure 2" on the Dreamcast. However, it is much harder to raise Chao in that version because there isn't a Chao Doctor to tell you what the Chao's stats are.

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