How to Get the HM Strength in "Pokemon Pearl"


Like all its predecessors, the game "Pokemon Pearl" includes various Hidden Machines that teach Pokemon special moves. HM04 Strength allows your Pokemon to move boulders that block paths in the game, a skill required both for progressing and finding secret areas. Your Pokemon can also use the skill as an attack in battle, though it does little damage. You can find HM Strength a short way into "Pokemon Pearl" and acquire it with little effort.

  • Progress through the game as usual until you reach Hearthome City. If you have already passed this area, return to it using Fly or by walking back.

  • Develop a group of Pokemon to level 20 or higher, which you will need to earn HM Strength. If you don't have any strong enough Pokemon, level up your group.

  • Exit the city using the Route 209 exit. If you haven't gone through this route before, you will battle several trainers along the way. Shortly after fighting a duo named Ty and Sue, you will find the Lost Tower. If you enter Solaceon Town, you've gone too far.

  • Enter the Lost Tower and begin climbing the stairs. On each floor, you will face trainer battles. Beat them and head to the top of the tower, which is on the fifth floor.

  • Speak to the person on the left side of the room to receive HM Strength. Climb back down the tower.

  • Teach Strength to any compatible Pokemon. Like all HMs, you can use it as many times as you want.

Tips & Warnings

  • The same steps will also work on "Pokemon Diamond."
  • Before you can use the skill in the field to move boulders, you will need to win the Mine Badge by beating gym leader Byron in Canalave City.
  • You can remove Strength from a Pokemon by visiting the Move Deleter in Canalave City.

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