How to Catch Suicune in "Heart Gold"


In "Pokemon Heart Gold," a number of legendary Pokemon from previous "Pokemon" titles are available for players to capture. One of these Pokemon, Suicune, must be discovered in several different locations before you have a chance to capture it. Each encounter with Suicune before the final one results in the Pokemon running away before you can start a battle.Once you reach that final encounter, you need to be prepared for a fight.

  • Play "Pokemon Heart Gold" until you reach the basement level of the Brass Tower. Three Pokemon, Raikou, Entei and Suicune, will be released into the game once you access the basement.

  • Travel to Cianwood City. Head to the north part of town and search for Suicune. When you find the Pokemon, it will escape from you before you can capture it.

  • Leave Cianwood City and travel to Route 42. Your second encounter with Suicune will happen here, near the entrance to Mt. Mortar. As with your first encounter, Suicune will escape. This time it will leave the Johto region of the game entirely.

  • Travel to the Kanto region and head to Vermilion City. You will encounter Suicune soon after entering the city, but once again the Pokemon will escape before you have a chance to capture it.

  • Go to Route 14 for your next-to-last encounter with Suicune. As with your previous encounters, once you find Suicune on Route 14, it will escape again. The next time you encounter the Pokemon, however, you'll have a chance to capture it.

  • Prepare your active Pokemon for the battle with Suicune. Suicune is a water-type Pokemon, so electric-type and grass-type Pokemon are doubly effective against it. Avoid using fire, water, ice or steel types of Pokemon as they will deal only half of their usual damage.

  • Travel to Route 25. Suicune should be located outside of Bill's House. If it isn't there, play further into the game until Misty returns to her gym. Then return to Bill's House to find it. This time Suicune won't run away, so be ready to battle the Pokemon and have your Pokeballs ready to try and capture it.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are defeated by Suicune or accidentally defeat it without capturing it, visit the Burnt Tower after you've beaten the Elite Four. Suicune will be there, giving you another chance to capture it.

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