My Wii Won't Connect to a Router


A Nintendo Wii console can fail to connect to a network router for many reasons. If you are receiving an error messages that suggests the Wii is able to connect to your router but unable to connect to the server, this is a result of the Nintendo WFC server being down. Wait awhile, then try to connect again. All other error messages are a result of the router settings being incorrect or the Wii console being unable to locate the router.

  • Move the Wii console closer to the network router. The maximum distance between the console and Wii should be 30 feet. The front of the Wii console should also face the router, if possible.

  • Ensure there are no interferences from people, objects and other devices such as microwaves and wireless phones. Objects and other devices can interfere with the signal. Move any of these objects away from the path between the console and router.

  • Enter the name of your network manually. If you don't have your SSID name, go to the router settings page. The steps required to access the SSID name vary byrouter. To access a Belkin router SSID name, for example, open the Web browser and enter "" into the address field. Enter the user name and password, or leave them blank. Select the "Channel and SSID" option under "Wireless." The SSID name is listed. Turn on the Wii. Go to the "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup" screen. Select the "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings" tab. Select the Connection you want to edit. Choose "Manual Setup." Select "Edit" on the SSID line, and enter the SSID (or network name) of your access point/router. Click "OK," then "Test Connection."

  • Broadcast the SSID. The instructions for broadcasting your signal vary per router manufacturer. To broadcast a Linksys, for example, open your Web browser on your computer and enter "" in the address bar. Enter "admin" as the password and leave the user name blank. Select the "Basic Wireless Settings" tab, and select "Enable" next to Wireless SSID Broadcast. Then go to the "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup" screen and click "Search for an Access Point." The Wii should pick up the broadcast router signal.

  • Change the letter designations in your router's Network Speed. The Wii is compatible with 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g protocols for exchanging data. The letters following 802.11 represent the network speed. Your router should be set to both "b" and "g" settings, not just "g." Instructions for changing the settings vary per router. Belkin users, for example, will need to enter "" into the address field of the Web browser. Enter the user name and password, or leave them blank. Select the "Channel and SSID" under "Wireless." Select "Mixed 11b+11g" in the Wireless Mode menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • For information about accessing your router settings, see Nintendo's Wireless Routers page in Resources.

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