How to Talk to People on the Street in "Grand Theft Auto IV"


For the first time in the series, strangers appear scattered throughout Liberty City in "Grand Theft Auto IV." These special strangers act like a random encounter, beginning a cutscene and often a side mission when Niko talks to them. Some characters have multiple missions available for Niko, but not all of them are required to achieve 100 percent completion.

  • Progress through the story to unlock new random encounters. For example, you can't come across Badman until you meet him through Little Jacob early on in the story. Other characters live in boroughs Niko can't yet access.

  • Drive around until you come across a small blue human-shaped icon on your minimap. These don't appear until you're within a few blocks of the character, so you can't track them in advance.

  • Walk up to the character to begin speaking with them. In most cases, this initiates a cutscene where the character gives you mission instructions to complete. Not all require extra labor; for instance, one encounter simply leaves you $100 richer after a short conversation.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some characters have multiple missions for Niko, so don't be afraid to talk to someone you've seen before.
  • The missions you're given are as random as those you encounter; some just want to talk, but others will send you on a motorcycle chase or eliminating a group of thugs.
  • When you meet all qualifying strangers, you'll earn the "No More Strangers" 5-point achievement or bronze trophy.
  • Depending on the choices you make during the story, certain encounters may not be available. However, these unavailable characters don't count towards 100 percent progression.
  • Some characters become unavailable regardless of your choices in the game. No need to fret if you just want 100 percent completion; they won't count towards the tally either.

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